Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things I talk about in therapy

While watching reruns of South Park, Mr J asked me what a trapper keeper was. I guess he's just too old to understand the social pressure it was to get the coolest trapper keeper in elementary school. Picking out the one would last you the entire school year was very stressful for a 2nd-5th grader. What if you picked one with a cartoon character, and the show got cancelled a month later? What if you picked the wrong ninja turtle? (Never pick Donatello, he was lame "smart one". It was only acceptable to like Donatello if you were a girl, because he had a purple mask. Duh!) Should you coordinate the trapper keeper with your lunch box? Or what that too "matchy-matchy" dorky? And what if your parents were cheap asses and refused to buy you the name brand trapper keeper? (Even though it only meant saving them three dollars.) Those of you that remember that kind of panic attack inducing stress, will join me in the guffaw mixed with shock and mocking, when Mr J asks, "It's just a notebook, right?"
One year, I had this one, I RULED that 4th grade class room.

All my friends had this one, or this next one.
What a bunch of losers, right?

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